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Basketbrawl – China vs Georgetown and the NBA

Sooooo. Here is a vid of the Georgetown/China meele. Apparently to the Hoyas the game wasn’t being called fair and they were being fouled hard. And a Chinese player aggressively approached John Thompson III who was protesting. Brawl ensues. In any case this is wild!! More pics and background story HERE

In other news on a follow up from a previous post the Chinese Basketball Association adopted rules today barring any current NBA player under contract from being signed to the CBA. Lets see if this holds up and squashes the breaking rumor that Kobe just agreed to play for Chinese Team Shanxi Zhongyu starting Nov 1st if the lockout goes on.


NBA Lockout – Are the Players Going Overseas?

Now with the NBA lock out going a month plus strong there is much talk about players signing overseas. Some players have already jumped including Ty Lawson to Lithuania, Deron Williams and Sasha Vujacic to Turkey and Jordan Famar to Israel just to name a few. Some notable players who said they are open to the idea are Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. Other superstars include Kobe Bryant and Tony Parker who are said to be in serious discussions with teams in China where the money is deep, some teams there reportedly willing to pay in excess of $1 million a month. One question may be answered this week in regards to China. Unlike the European league the Chinese Basketball Association is debating adopting rules that would prohibit Opt-out clauses in contracts making it impossible for a player signed to come back to the NBA if there is a lockout resolution before March. How much of this is the NBA applying pressure no one knows for sure. NBA commissioner David Stern is not trusted in all circles so that leaves the question open till Mid week when the CBA is expected to vote on the rules. One thing is certain. The players have very little leverage and a no opt-out clause would take away the little positioning they due have. The owners are hoping that when those checks stop in Nov-Dec the players will crack. With not as much money on the line as the NFL and the players with little leverage we all may have to watch football this winter.

John Wall Doing His Thing In Summer Leagues

Yea they are just summer league games. But the last few weeks he had been aggressive. Take a look. End of last month looking extremely fast. And a few days back throwing up 36 in a gallant effort in the NC Pro Am Semifinals.

Mike Brown to the Lakers

Good fit? I think so. The former Cavs coach is a good replacement for Phil Jackson and exactly what the Lakers need. No he’s not the attractive coach which some feel the Lakers needed being in such a glamorous city but he brings toughness and defense which is what the Lakers lack.

Kyrie Irving vs. John Wall



Now this is a very interesting debate. Kyrie Irving vs John Wall. With the NBA lottery in our rear view and the NBA Combine in our midst there are already comparisons being made of the presumptive Number One overall pick Kyrie Irving with last years first pick John Wall. Even though Irving played only six games last season the scouts have already anointed him. One of he biggest differences between them right off the bat is shooting. Kyrie is a more polished shooter than Wall. Shooting over 50% in his short college career. Wall is larger, stronger and in my opinion one of the most explosive players in the game with unlimited potential. An interesting comparison is of Wall and reigning MVP and budding superstar Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls.

John Wall Stat Summary:

09 34.811 16.649 46.1 32.5 75.4 6.514 4.297 0.514 1.784

Derrick Rose Stat Summary:

07 29.2 14.9 47.7 33.7 71.2 4.7 4.5 0.4 1.2

The college stat line is quite similar though it can be argued that UK faced stiffer SEC competition. Now lets take a look at the NBA stats.

Derrick Rose Regular Season Averages
’08 37.0 .475 .222 .788 3.9 6.3 0.2 0.8 2.5 16.8
’09 36.8 .489 .267 .766 3.7 6.0 0.3 0.7 2.8 20.8
’10 37.4 .445 .332 .858 4.1 7.7 0.6 1.0 3.4 25.0
Career 37.1 .468 .309 .815 3.9 6.7 0.4 0.9 2.9 20.9
John Wall Regular Season Averages
10 37.8 .409 .296 .766 4.6 8.3 0.5 1.8 3.8 16.4
Career 37.8 .409 .296 .766 4.6 8.3 0.5 1.8 3.8 16.4

While Rose is still a better shooter you can see his development to where he is now from his rookie season. In a earlier post I touched on how the “one and done” players need a little more time to develop and Rose is the quintessential example of this. Will we see the same blossoming of Walla and Irving? Wall is clearly a play-maker when is comes to steals and assists. Now can he develop his shooting more is yet to be seen. Kyrie is coming off a serious foot injury so there are some concerns there. And Wall has also seen his bouts with injuries in his first year in the NBA. So who would you rather have the more polished shooter? Or a once in a generation athlete with huge upside.  One exciting thing we will be able to see is two electrifying players in their prime going head to head. We may have to wait till then to settle the debate.

Taj Gibson dunks on Dwade

Taj Gibson destroys Dwade with a monster dunk!

Not Clutch?


So what do all the Lebron haters have to say now? Oh he’s not clutch? Wrong, he proved it last night when scoring the Heat’s last 10 points including two big 3s to put them up three and six. So Lebron doesn’t possess that killer instinct and is incapable of closing? He’s definitely capable, now how often he does it remains to be seen.