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J. Cole – Light Up (Unreleased Track Compilation) #ColeWorld

01. The Good Son
02. Killers
03. It Won’t Be Long
04. Purple Rain
05. I’m on It
06. Unabomber
07. Playground
08. We On
09. Show Me Somethin’
10. Who’s World Is This
11. The Plan
12. Serenade
13. Good Game
14. I’m Comin’
15. Song for the Ville
16. Bun B For President
17. Who Dat
18. I Got It
19. A Star Is Born (Live Extended Version)
20. The Storm (Unreleased Bonus Track)

Download J. Cole – Light Up.rar

A homemade JCole Mixtape with unreleased songs I saw floating around. (Shoutout to Fade!) Thought I’d Share… Need a J. Cole fix? If the Any Given Sunday releases aren’t doin enough for you here’s a lil somethin you may not have picked up. It dropped way back in March but apparently not a lot of people paid attention (me neither at first). As stated in the title it’s an unreleased track compilation. Of course a few of these tracks you have now due to Any Given Sunday but who knows if he’ll release the rest of these via AGS…


The Weeknd – Thursday


Here it is!!! The much anticipated (and delayed) second mixtape from  The Weeknd Download

Wale- The Eleven One Eleven Theory

New Wale Mixtape featuring at least 11 new songs and some others. Download Backup Link

The Weeknd- House of Balloons

null While I wait for the next installment in this trilogy Thursday I figured why not put some more people on. A friend put me on a while ago and I’m hooked. If you haven’t heard of him you need to check The Weeknd’s debut mixtape out. Mysterious dude from Toronto who has been receiving critical acclaim as of late. Rolling Stone calls him a artist to watch. A Picthfork media review says “its very hard to stop listening to”, and the Washington Post enamored by the shrouded secrecy even briefly eludes to him being a pioneer of a new sub-genre. This on top of getting a co-sign from Drake and a nomination for the 2011 Polaris Music Award. All that being said House of Balloons was said to be the first of a three part drop. Thursday and Echos of Silence to follow have not been released yet. In the mean time check him out.