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Basketbrawl – China vs Georgetown and the NBA

Sooooo. Here is a vid of the Georgetown/China meele. Apparently to the Hoyas the game wasn’t being called fair and they were being fouled hard. And a Chinese player aggressively approached John Thompson III who was protesting. Brawl ensues. In any case this is wild!! More pics and background story HERE

In other news on a follow up from a previous post the Chinese Basketball Association adopted rules today barring any current NBA player under contract from being signed to the CBA. Lets see if this holds up and squashes the breaking rumor that Kobe just agreed to play for Chinese Team Shanxi Zhongyu starting Nov 1st if the lockout goes on.


Death of a Dynasty

I’m not one to overreact but I really do think this could be the death of a dynasty. Yes I know the Lakers still have Kobe Bryant but its an aging Kobe Bryant, practically a shell of himself. He just doesn’t look the same, he was incapable of closing the Mavs the out when the opportunity presented itself in the first 3 games of the series. Then to go out with only 17 points in game 4, in a win or go home situation is pretty bad. That’s not the Kobe we are accustomed to seeing in the final minutes. Now Phil Jackson is retiring, I mean who can you get to replace such a legend? Then we have Pau Gasol getting his panties in a bunch with some off the court issues. I mean literally how bad can it be to cause you to perform so poorly, you’re a grown man, toughen up! Oh and don’t forget Bynum’s great exit, the picture above only tells half the story. He commits one of the dirtiest fouls I’ve seen in a while. Which leads him to take off his jersey off, showing us how great of shape he is in with his awesome six pack. As an owner I don’t know if I would want to put my my money into such a sore loser moving on. So Phil gone, Pau being ugh…Pau, and an aging Kobe, and emergence of young good team in west. I think its officially time to put the fork in Lakers unless they have a great off season, which remains to be seen.