Mayweather-Ortiz HBO Face off 24/7 News

Mayweather and Ortiz “Face Off” with Max Kellerman on HBO. Also today HBO announced that CNN will be broadcasting the 24/7 series starting with a Same day replay of the debut at midnight which premiers on HBO at 10PM. 24/7 is a Emmy award winning series which follows fighters in the weeks leading up to the fight. Don’t forget to check it out. 24.7 Aug 27th and of course the main event Sept 17th.


Google Enters the Hardware Fray

Google announced yesterday that they were gonna buy Motorola Mobility the Mobile device manufacturer responsible for the Droid phones and the Xoom tablet. This is a big move costing $12.5 billion as a purchase price 63% over MMI’s closing stock price on Friday. Pending Regulatory approval later this year, Google is attempting to take head on Apple acquiring over 17,000 patents and being able to integrate software and hardware. Is this a last ditch move? Some say it could be because of the high premium and Google’s previous stance of shying away from hardware. Some key questions are how will they use the patents? Just for their products or will they fight for all of Android as Apple has won some key battles in the past few weeks including a ruling against HTC and and injunction keeping the Galaxy tab from being sold in most of Europe. How will the release of newer versions of Android be rolled out? To all manufacturers or MMI first. And what does this mean for Apple? They have the lions market-share when it comes to tablets with the Ipad and are gaining more share every day with the Iphone. All very good questions we will have to wait and see.

NBA Lockout – Are the Players Going Overseas?

Now with the NBA lock out going a month plus strong there is much talk about players signing overseas. Some players have already jumped including Ty Lawson to Lithuania, Deron Williams and Sasha Vujacic to Turkey and Jordan Famar to Israel just to name a few. Some notable players who said they are open to the idea are Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. Other superstars include Kobe Bryant and Tony Parker who are said to be in serious discussions with teams in China where the money is deep, some teams there reportedly willing to pay in excess of $1 million a month. One question may be answered this week in regards to China. Unlike the European league the Chinese Basketball Association is debating adopting rules that would prohibit Opt-out clauses in contracts making it impossible for a player signed to come back to the NBA if there is a lockout resolution before March. How much of this is the NBA applying pressure no one knows for sure. NBA commissioner David Stern is not trusted in all circles so that leaves the question open till Mid week when the CBA is expected to vote on the rules. One thing is certain. The players have very little leverage and a no opt-out clause would take away the little positioning they due have. The owners are hoping that when those checks stop in Nov-Dec the players will crack. With not as much money on the line as the NFL and the players with little leverage we all may have to watch football this winter.

Lil Wayne Ft. Drake – She Will

New Music off of Carter IV. Download

John Wall Doing His Thing In Summer Leagues

Yea they are just summer league games. But the last few weeks he had been aggressive. Take a look. End of last month looking extremely fast. And a few days back throwing up 36 in a gallant effort in the NC Pro Am Semifinals.

J Cole – Any Given Sunday Vol. 2

J Cole dropping he weekly freebies yet again. Any Given Sunday Vol. 2. Cole World Sept 27th.

The Weeknd- House of Balloons

null While I wait for the next installment in this trilogy Thursday I figured why not put some more people on. A friend put me on a while ago and I’m hooked. If you haven’t heard of him you need to check The Weeknd’s debut mixtape out. Mysterious dude from Toronto who has been receiving critical acclaim as of late. Rolling Stone calls him a artist to watch. A Picthfork media review says “its very hard to stop listening to”, and the Washington Post enamored by the shrouded secrecy even briefly eludes to him being a pioneer of a new sub-genre. This on top of getting a co-sign from Drake and a nomination for the 2011 Polaris Music Award. All that being said House of Balloons was said to be the first of a three part drop. Thursday and Echos of Silence to follow have not been released yet. In the mean time check him out.