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HBO 24/7: Mayweather – Ortiz Episode 3


HBO 24/7: Mayweather-Ortiz Episode 2

More timely. LOL 50 and Floyd keep my dying. Check it out. Fight is Sept 17th.

HBO 24/7: Mayweather-Ortiz Episode 1

The first episode of the award winning series. Late I know.

Basketbrawl – China vs Georgetown and the NBA

Sooooo. Here is a vid of the Georgetown/China meele. Apparently to the Hoyas the game wasn’t being called fair and they were being fouled hard. And a Chinese player aggressively approached John Thompson III who was protesting. Brawl ensues. In any case this is wild!! More pics and background story HERE

In other news on a follow up from a previous post the Chinese Basketball Association adopted rules today barring any current NBA player under contract from being signed to the CBA. Lets see if this holds up and squashes the breaking rumor that Kobe just agreed to play for Chinese Team Shanxi Zhongyu starting Nov 1st if the lockout goes on.

The Naughty U- Miami Hurricanes Booster Scandal

The whole college football benefits scheme is getting blown open nowadays. The latest institution hit is The University of Miami also known as the U. Nevin Shapiro who is currently serving a twenty year bid for an nearly billion dollar ponzi scheme gave the details in a Yahoo Sports investigation. Shapiro revealed that he supplied money, gifts, trips, prostitutes and even player bounties an an official booster. What even worse is some of it was from the ponzi scheme which was tied a a sports and recruiting agency Shaprio had invested in. All of these claims are substantiated with bank, phone records and even interviews from the federal investigation. What makes this case even more serious is the University knew about it and allowed it to continue. This opens them up to the “lack of institutional control” charge from the NCAA. This could warrant the “death penalty” barring football for at least a season. Whats even more interesting or shocking is the head of the NCAA infractions committee up until last year was Paul Dee the Athletic Director at the U when all this happened. Make no mistake, the NCAA is going to come down hard. Especially with the recent allegations swirling around The Ohio State University football program. They avoided the lack of institutional control tag because only one coach new of the violations. The U program is in much deeper trouble due to the fact that this was a well known, wanton, and willful perpetration of violations. It is gonna take more investigations at more schools to see the breadth and scope of the problem before the NCAA is gonna be able to look at a solution because the current system is not working. It broken and needs to be completely revamped. In what way I don’t know. What I do know is that this may be the incident that blows everything open and we are just barely scratching the surface.

Mayweather-Ortiz HBO Face off 24/7 News

Mayweather and Ortiz “Face Off” with Max Kellerman on HBO. Also today HBO announced that CNN will be broadcasting the 24/7 series starting with a Same day replay of the debut at midnight which premiers on HBO at 10PM. 24/7 is a Emmy award winning series which follows fighters in the weeks leading up to the fight. Don’t forget to check it out. 24.7 Aug 27th and of course the main event Sept 17th.

NBA Lockout – Are the Players Going Overseas?

Now with the NBA lock out going a month plus strong there is much talk about players signing overseas. Some players have already jumped including Ty Lawson to Lithuania, Deron Williams and Sasha Vujacic to Turkey and Jordan Famar to Israel just to name a few. Some notable players who said they are open to the idea are Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. Other superstars include Kobe Bryant and Tony Parker who are said to be in serious discussions with teams in China where the money is deep, some teams there reportedly willing to pay in excess of $1 million a month. One question may be answered this week in regards to China. Unlike the European league the Chinese Basketball Association is debating adopting rules that would prohibit Opt-out clauses in contracts making it impossible for a player signed to come back to the NBA if there is a lockout resolution before March. How much of this is the NBA applying pressure no one knows for sure. NBA commissioner David Stern is not trusted in all circles so that leaves the question open till Mid week when the CBA is expected to vote on the rules. One thing is certain. The players have very little leverage and a no opt-out clause would take away the little positioning they due have. The owners are hoping that when those checks stop in Nov-Dec the players will crack. With not as much money on the line as the NFL and the players with little leverage we all may have to watch football this winter.