The Naughty U- Miami Hurricanes Booster Scandal

The whole college football benefits scheme is getting blown open nowadays. The latest institution hit is The University of Miami also known as the U. Nevin Shapiro who is currently serving a twenty year bid for an nearly billion dollar ponzi scheme gave the details in a Yahoo Sports investigation. Shapiro revealed that he supplied money, gifts, trips, prostitutes and even player bounties an an official booster. What even worse is some of it was from the ponzi scheme which was tied a a sports and recruiting agency Shaprio had invested in. All of these claims are substantiated with bank, phone records and even interviews from the federal investigation. What makes this case even more serious is the University knew about it and allowed it to continue. This opens them up to the “lack of institutional control” charge from the NCAA. This could warrant the “death penalty” barring football for at least a season. Whats even more interesting or shocking is the head of the NCAA infractions committee up until last year was Paul Dee the Athletic Director at the U when all this happened. Make no mistake, the NCAA is going to come down hard. Especially with the recent allegations swirling around The Ohio State University football program. They avoided the lack of institutional control tag because only one coach new of the violations. The U program is in much deeper trouble due to the fact that this was a well known, wanton, and willful perpetration of violations. It is gonna take more investigations at more schools to see the breadth and scope of the problem before the NCAA is gonna be able to look at a solution because the current system is not working. It broken and needs to be completely revamped. In what way I don’t know. What I do know is that this may be the incident that blows everything open and we are just barely scratching the surface.

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