Google Enters the Hardware Fray

Google announced yesterday that they were gonna buy Motorola Mobility the Mobile device manufacturer responsible for the Droid phones and the Xoom tablet. This is a big move costing $12.5 billion as a purchase price 63% over MMI’s closing stock price on Friday. Pending Regulatory approval later this year, Google is attempting to take head on Apple acquiring over 17,000 patents and being able to integrate software and hardware. Is this a last ditch move? Some say it could be because of the high premium and Google’s previous stance of shying away from hardware. Some key questions are how will they use the patents? Just for their products or will they fight for all of Android as Apple has won some key battles in the past few weeks including a ruling against HTC and and injunction keeping the Galaxy tab from being sold in most of Europe. How will the release of newer versions of Android be rolled out? To all manufacturers or MMI first. And what does this mean for Apple? They have the lions market-share when it comes to tablets with the Ipad and are gaining more share every day with the Iphone. All very good questions we will have to wait and see.

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