Death of a Dynasty

I’m not one to overreact but I really do think this could be the death of a dynasty. Yes I know the Lakers still have Kobe Bryant but its an aging Kobe Bryant, practically a shell of himself. He just doesn’t look the same, he was incapable of closing the Mavs the out when the opportunity presented itself in the first 3 games of the series. Then to go out with only 17 points in game 4, in a win or go home situation is pretty bad. That’s not the Kobe we are accustomed to seeing in the final minutes. Now Phil Jackson is retiring, I mean who can you get to replace such a legend? Then we have Pau Gasol getting his panties in a bunch with some off the court issues. I mean literally how bad can it be to cause you to perform so poorly, you’re a grown man, toughen up! Oh and don’t forget Bynum’s great exit, the picture above only tells half the story. He commits one of the dirtiest fouls I’ve seen in a while. Which leads him to take off his jersey off, showing us how great of shape he is in with his awesome six pack. As an owner I don’t know if I would want to put my my money into such a sore loser moving on. So Phil gone, Pau being ugh…Pau, and an aging Kobe, and emergence of young good team in west. I think its officially time to put the fork in Lakers unless they have a great off season, which remains to be seen.

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