A Lost Way of Thinking

There is so much truth to the old proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” The saying is finds it roots in a African proverb. However wise and true this is, it has lost its grasp in mainstream American culture. To expand on this for just a minute we are raised to be independent, extremely independent to the point that there is a fading sense of community. What happened to block parties? Community centers that weren’t being shut down and that are fully functioning. Where a stranger can tell a child who is acting out of line to straighten up or notify the child’s parents. Raising good citizens takes more than going through the motions of a K-12 education and keeping adolescent out of trouble. It should be a group effort. The Librarian who recommends a book or homework resource. The teacher who asks if everything is okay and is less concerned about the Standardized test score and legitimately cares for the well being of the student. The average college aged student volunteering to be a Big sibling in community programs. And simply put just educating one another. Let all take a few minutes each week and give helpful suggestions to our peers and neighbors. Just stop and have a conversation with each other.

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